Pelletizer Machine

The MSK Eco-efficiency Pelletizer Machine recycles crushed runners, re-pellets the material and returning it to the hopper of the injection molding machine.


  • Touch screen controller allows for easy operations and troubleshooting.
  • Output pellet quantity: 5kg to 10kg per barrel. Actual output may differ depending on type or resin and operating conditions, etc.
  • Size of the pelletized resins are adjustable according to requirements.
  • Developed unit that works well for all types of resins.
  • It is a hot cutting machine with no water cooling system required.
  • Air cooling system makes material appraisal (Tensile strength, Stretch, Flexural strength, Flexural elasticity, Melt Flow index) of recycled pellets better in comparison to water cooling.
  • Equipment cost is easily justified by material savings.
  • Process temperature required is 10% lower than the material melting temperature.
  • Properties of pelletized resin are the same as the crushed material’s.
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How it will reduce your costs:

  • Little manpower required to handle the process.
  • Able to regrind and pelletize crushed mini runners to the same size as virgin materials.
  • As such, the pellets will be evenly mixed and melted to ensure uniformed quality.
  • 0% wastage – All waste materials can be recycled, unlike crushed materials.
  • Lesser virgin material required as recycled material is able to produce equally good quality products.
  • Lower investment with greater returns.