Mini Runner System Key Technologies

MSK Extended Nozzles Uniquely designed to prevent resin drooling and stringing. Suitable for all kinds of resin. Nozzle without heater control.

Resin drooling preventive mechanism:
Valve-less system that completely prevents leakage and stringing of resin.

Requires only 1 or 2 zone temperature controllers for the whole system, with a guaranteed temperature difference between nozzles within 4 °C. Less energy required. Saves wastage of runner by up to 80%.

MSK Mini Runner System Benefits

Our mini runner system’s main benefits are that it can save you raw material, Reduce overall runner weight and increase productivity by reducing cycle time, down-time and energy consumption, thus giving you a more consistent product. Your moldmaker can easily maintain our mini runner system. The MSK Singapore mini runner system can accommodate nozzle pitching as little as 20mm, maximising each production cycle.

Mini Runner System

cold Runner System

Benefits of Mini Runner System over Hot Runner System

Our mini runner system are designed to be simple and compact. User friendly, easy installation and maintenance. Low energy consumption up and ideal for all polymers compared to hot runner system. System cost is also lower compared to hot runner systems

Easy Installation of
Mini Runner System