Vacuum Pump Machine

Initially, this Vacuum Assisted System was used for molding big components within thin shells, to overcome the issues of short molding and flow mark.

Currently, the MSK Vacuum Pump Unit is being used by some companies in precision injection molding for controlling parting line flashes, contamination issue and increasing tool life.

Without doing a special die remodeling, you can shut an ejector plate part tightly and expect the above effects (and more) by outrunning air in a cavity from an ejector pin.

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What the Vacuum Pump Unit does best:

  • Improvement of gas burns and voids.
  • Improvement of a short mold (in particular, thin cast products).
  • Improvement of sink marks and increase in strength of weld part.
  • Eliminates weld lines, flow marks, gas marks, etc
  • Eliminates the parting line flashes.
  • Good control over contamination issues.
  • Good for thin wall products.

How it will reduce your costs:

  • Increases mold life and reduces mold maintenance.
  • Life extension of die core pin.
  • Period extension of die maintenance by the reduction of mold deposit.

How it will boost your efficiency and yield:

  • Reduces rework time and down time.
  • Reduces cycle time

Vacuum Pump Unit’s principle: ​